Carl M. Freeman Foundation

Giving Grants & Guidance since 1960

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Support, Promote, & Innovative

Established in 1960, the Carl M. Freeman Foundation commits its time, talent and treasure to facilitate, support and promote innovative community-based leadership and giving. We seek to honor our founders’ legacies and passions by endorsing excellence and leveraging resources. Generally, we limit donations to communities where the customers, employees, and vendors of Carl M. Freeman Companies work, live, and play.

Investments in our Communities

The Carl M. Freeman Foundation, established in 1960, has a long history of supporting nonprofit organizations — both large and small.


Total amount of grants given since 1960


Total number of organizations given to since 1960

$4,784,080 given in 2020


Given to 11 local organizations that support the Arts.


Given to 23 local organizations that support Education.


Given to 11 local organizations that support Healthcare efforts.


Given to 9 healthcare organizations to support COVID-19 relief efforts.


Given to 71 Social Services and Environmental organizations.